Press Release: NC Mayors Urge BIPARTISAN Solution on Infrastructure

July 21, 2021

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NC Mayors Urge BIPARTISAN Solution on Infrastructure

The NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, a bipartisan group of mayors from North Carolina’s larger cities, today called on the US Congress to push forward on a bipartisan effort to make a much-needed investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

The following is a statement by NC Metro Mayors Coalition Chair, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan:

“Last month a bipartisan group of US Senators charted a path forward on a critical investment in our nation’s future.  This bipartisan group of 21 Senators, which notably included both Senator Richard Burr and Senator Thom Tillis, came together to sketch out a Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework that promises a once in a generation investment in our communities.  President Biden endorsed this framework and Congress now has the opportunity to move forward with the proposal as debate begins in earnest on legislation to make it a reality.  This bipartisan effort could have huge pay off by making our nation more competitive, helping fight climate change and beginning to address the backlog of highway, transit, water projects and other infrastructure that touch people in every community in our state.

“As mayors, we work every day to improve the quality of life in North Carolina, and this federal investment in our future is exactly the kind of help we need as we all push for better roads, transit, clean water and a healthy environment. We call on Congress and President Biden to stay the course, do the hard work to build consensus and make this framework a reality. That is what our cities need, what our citizens and businesses want and how we are supposed to get things done – together.”


The North Carolina Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, founded in 2001, is comprised of the mayors of the state’s larger cities. The Coalition is a non-partisan, mayor-driven organization that focuses on issues of special interest to our large cities in a fast-growing and urbanizing state. The Coalition has worked successfully with federal and state elected officials to promote job creation, protect local revenues, invest in public infrastructure, and keep our cities safe.




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